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Times treasured   9 comments

Gosh! I love my life.      

The free tickets to the Allan Jackson concert Thursday night served as the ‘cherry-on-top’ for a fabulous weekend spent with great friends.

Friday’s fun included a sunset boat ride to the Fish-n-Pig for dinner and farewells. The family atmosphere coupled with delicious food has a line out the door most evenings.

Friday’s dinner was to celebrate Steve and Tina selling their house on Tobo. Marietta, GA seemed to be a perfect fit for them. Good luck!

Although a little tired the next morning, I woke up with a smile. We fed the cat and dogs with coffee in hand and grabbed a bag of almonds.

We got on the road earlier than the previous Saturday. Two visits in one week to our buddies living two hours away is a treat!

Our best married peeps and their 10 month old child moved in 2010.

The photo above is of my best little friend taken while they still lived in Macon. The next picture is at her second birthday party.

We had never attended a two-year old’s birthday party. It was a controlled chaotic blast with two sets of adorable two-year old twins and about 15 additional two-year olds.

I felt shell-shocked by the sheer number of toddlers in what felt like a shrinking room. I started taking pictures to calm myself.

The brothers in the picture above are so darn handsome.

 Andy bought Lil’ miss a pair of John Deere socks to sport. As you can see, bits of the birthday party still remained a week later. Birthday girl kept her party going for a whole week!

Livin’ on Love   4 comments


With a phone call, I have two tickets for the Allan Jackson concert starting at 7:30 tonight at The Macon Centreplex Colliseum. Thanks to Terrell with SoChi Services, the evening’s entertainment is free! Wow!

Excitement makes me forgetful. I neglect to get a good photo of my red boots with my dance partner.

Second to Garth Brooks, Allan Jackson dominated the country music charts throughout the 1990’s.  Allan Jackson’s honky-tonk roots helped inject his unique style  into the standard country music. He adds a modern flare to his music that earns him 20 #1 hits, as well as, 20 Top Ten hits in the span of a mere twelve years.

Allan Jackson’s popularity is as strong today as in the 9o’s, especially in middle GA.

We manuever through traffic and find a parking space.

We get our wristbands for drinks before finding our seats. The seats are awesome with a great view of the stage and room to dance.

And dance, I did!



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Lucky 7   9 comments

Say ‘hello’ to JR. 

The spitting image of Kitty Bob, our first cat.

JR is shy at first. A packet of tuna spread along top an oak log provides us the best opportunity to talk to our latest furry rescue. He sits with his back to us while inhaling the flakes of tuna. Below is one of the first pics of JR eating breakfast with us.

He is a tad shy still, but possesses real ‘cattitude’.  We love the new tabby! Cat energy is back.

math in color   10 comments

One of my genius friends is an active artist, educator, etc. The above photograph highlights twin Temari balls placed so one may imagine the angles that creates the colorful pattern. Her most recent book cover showcases the thread art of her creations combined with the love of math.


The remnants of silk kimonos often found their way to entertain children. By using the ‘good silk’ from the damaged clothing, mothers created new year gifts with the remnants of silk unsullied. Often, a wish for the intended child would be written on a slip of paper, folded up and wrapped in the core of the Temari ball.

Traditionally, Temari is given as a New Year’s gift/wish.The picture above shows the detail and thoughtfulness in her work with the photo focused with a hint the visual depth and texture in each piece of art.

The above photo is a melding of our colorful, creative expressions of art designed by planting the seed of wonder.

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photos for imagination shapshot   3 comments

As hurried as life may seem, my love of photography reminds me to exist in the moment. With the help of my camera, I see a bounty of opportunity for my photos to help describe a second in time appreciated and documented via my camera lenses. And then repeat this process with more boldness and confidence than the last photo challenge may have laid forth.

 These little worms grow quickly with a wealth of azaleas for growth hormones. For the past three years, I have watched the life cycle of the leaf-eating red and yellow furry devils.

Andy snags my camera without my knowledge. He managed to snap a pic of my clear disdain for water not used for consumption or grooming.

Preparing for an upcoming art show keeps me busy in the sewing studio.  Although, the rainbow in the morning’s light deems recognition reflecting upon our small umbrella closet.

The picture below is an example of the recycled fabric used to make a quilt top.

I hear the fabric calling.  Enjoy your day!The modest detail of the tiny fly on the daisy petal in the above picture is reason enough to grab a picture.

Textiles Spotlight: recycled fabric makes me smile:)   5 comments


I love to create with a variety of sustainable materials ranging from old fabric and wood scraps to rock installations and I cannot forget my trusty camera and years of captured time fragments.

Discarded fabrics find new purpose with me. I create unique versions of art using vintage or used fabrics. Each quilt is one of a kind. Yet my style of sewing is easily recognized.


In the past seven years, I have made 50+ baby-quilts for family and friends. The two photos above are of a quilt in-progress for a couple and their new baby girl.

I wish I had kept a better photo record of the quilts made for local benefits. I have also created ‘Life-quilts’ for a few friends dealing with the loss of a loved one. My friend Sarah’s mother passed away far too young and from a rare disease. Sadly, I had only met Miss Elizabeth three times.

Sarah is an only child married to an incredibly caring man. This is a photo of Sarah’s support team.

With the shock of her Mom’s passing still fresh, she and her Dad forge ahead beginning the emotional task of sorting through personal effects. Elizabeth’s taste for the finest silk scarf often clashed with her quirky holiday scarves. My friend finds that she has a pile of her mom’s favorite scarves by her side.

Driving home with a tote full of scarves, cross-stitch project, favorite shirts and other odds and ends with special meaning, Sarah does not want her mom’s faves to end-up tucked away and forgotten. Then she thinks of me and my funky, no-rule kind of fabric art.

Sarah is quick to call me to inquire if I will create a quilt in memory of her Mom. I agree. My main concern is to not disappoint my friend or deconstruct designer scarves only to be ruined my sewing style.

With a huge mental gulp, I ask the universe to guide my hands to create a treasure from contents in the tote. This quilt challenges me to better my sewing abilities. The photo below depicts one side of my first ‘Life-quilt’. My dear friend, Sarah Anderson Petren proudly shows-off the ‘Life-quilt’ made in honor of her mom, Elizabeth Bartley Anderson(Allen).

Fabric is in direct competition with my life-long relationship with rocks. Whether, a heavy boulder by the river to pebbles seen only by a tiny sparkle, my eyes gravitate to rocks. Rocks beg for attention and love to be appreciated. I am both attentive and appreciative of a rock’s worth. The picture below is a small view of rock wealth around the house.

I have to note my love of photography trumps both the fabric and rock interests. A Polaroid camera from my Grandma, for my tenth birthday begins my almost 27 years of collected fragments of time. Thank you, Grandma!

So, back to creating new fabric art for the show in November. Enjoy your Friday! I leave you with a smile!

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