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Water hose helps save 25 year old dwarf Japanese maple tree   1 comment

Maple trees of all variety have me pining for the beautiful fall color that it’s leaves add to the color palate of autumn.    

However, yesterday we rescued a 20-30 year old dwarf Japanese tree from being whacked. The tree may have out grown the flower bed provided, but the thought of cutting it down made me cringe. With the tree growing on an incline, the task of saving the tree was a tad easier, we started by locating as many roots as possible with a water hose and nozzle attachment. The water was the best solution for any hope for the transplanting and survival of the quarter century old maple.     

As you can see from the pictures above, a dwarf Japanese maple at over 20 years old is not small in stature. Thanks be to the use of a water hose to  help us define or “follow” the main root system. Although, we did not get the full tap root, we did manage to keep lots of feeder roots intacted.  

    We race home to get the stunned maple into the ground.


After we got the maple in the ground, we left the water hose on a small trickle to help ease the shock of relocation. 

This dwarf Japanese maple is the oldest and largest flora rescued to date since starting my plant rescue mission in fall of ’09. All suggestions and ideas for the continuation of a healthy life for our newest tree are appreciated. I think I will let the tree tell me when and where to prune. I am just happy to offer a loving home.

That’s one way   1 comment

Pumpkin…aside from the sweet potato is my kind of autumn grub. Before Andy brought home two pumpkins, I never thought about making a pumpkin pie from scratch.

So, I grabbed my cookbook. The Joy of Cooking, duh! I wish the photo below was a scratch and sniff!

  Please do not judge by the looks alone. After baking the pumpkin for about eight hours with a great deal of ingredients in the pumpkin itself, it was time to call in the blender.        

Turns out one pumpkin equals five pies!  

Smiley’s: A Family Affair   Leave a comment

For those that enjoy yard sales, thrift store, etc.     Smiley’s Flea Market is the place to be. We discovered the wonders of Smiley’s in 2004. We buy fresh in season produce at fair prices almost weekly. I find material for my quilts, vintage purses galore. Andy has found amazing deals on tools.      Smiley’s offers a true slice of Middle Georgia’s wonderful people and various tasty, authentic cuisines.


Smiley’s is pretty busy the first weekend of each month. We found our own system for success at Smiley’s. I love Smiley’s and you will too. And those delightful wafts of food being prepared will please your growling tummy! 

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The Thrill of the Reel!   1 comment

  Fishing is my favorite pastime involving water activities.

In my almost 36 years of fishing all over the southeast, Lake Tobesofkee is my love!

I caught this channel cat mid-day in June with a temperature of 95+ degrees. 

So I may look all calm reeling in the channel cat, but this guys is the biggest fish I had caught in over five years.

Dad and I decided today the fish needed company. Last Monday, we caught fourteen pan fish of different species and two nice bone-in channel cats perfect for frying.

We both had a good feeling about today. The lake was glassy smooth and not a water craft in sight. I entice the fish with offering of dry cat food or bread. I think a good ol fashion hand dug earth worm will hook a fish about better than any other bait.

I throw in some cat food to allow the oils to attract the fish to our spot. The water boils with fish eager to munch on the unexpected treats.

Dad’s determination to catch the big catfish that snapped his line last week while fishing inside the boat house worked to his favor.

His first cast in lands him 2 1/2 lbs almost two feet long channel cat.   I may have caught the first fish of the day, but Dad caught the best two of the morning.                     I should have taken the time to snap better photos, but we both wanted to get back to catching more fish.

After about three hours of fishing, Dad caught the two catfish I caught seven or eight pan fish species all of which will help stock up Daddy’s freezer.

  A great day with family and freshly caught food!

8 Moppets Smiling   Leave a comment

I am proud of all eight of my nephews and nieces.    




House’s call for help!   8 comments






We are house doctors. The photos depict ailing homes and our remedies for the house clients.

Attention J.R.   1 comment

JR knows home is with us.

He is a brave cat. He knows our six rescue dogs are keenly interested in his presence!  And still he waits at the door…now that’s love.



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