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Mag Tard in April 2011   Leave a comment

 In April 2011, we went to see our friends band. Mag Tard is the band’s name.  

I am sure if you live in and around Macon, you have heard these guys perform.














The Hot Seat   2 comments

Oh boy! If a couch could talk, the stories from the couch above could write a book. The beloved 40-year-old sofa has been audience to many an antic since its first proud owner. The circle is complete.  

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Silly is as silly does…   1 comment

Ask anyone. I am a silly person. Now enjoy laughing at me being silly while attempting to help a friend out with a new endeavor.

 Silly is good. Celebrate the silly! Have a great weekend! By the way, none of the above photos helped my friends project, but I had fun! Much love, Anna

A Pretty Mystery   1 comment

A couple of clients selling their house had many donation boxes and all that the moving process involves. The picture above is just one of the many items in a pile with my name on it. I love it! My question is what is it? Let me show you a few more photos.  I appreciate your thoughts about the pretty blue glass with a metal hand mounted on white marble. Have a great holiday season!

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Paint Dump: The Matilda Color Do   Leave a comment

 Matilda is a hard worker. She deserves some flair!





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36 is Prime   Leave a comment

  At 12:12PM, I am officially 36 years old! Happy birthday to me!

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Weekendful…Fun Projects   Leave a comment

Our weekend projects include sawing up wood to be chopped into fire wood.  

Andy made five neat chainsaw chairs to go around the bonfire.  The fire side chairs are a project in the making. Here are a few pics.


So after playing with the chain saw and giving me plenty of oak to split, I have to put a couple of finishing touches on a dear friend’s Christmas tree skirt. This is my first tree skirt.    I took the almost finished skirt over to a friend whose tree is already decorated to see how it would look.

    I am pleased with the results. I use velcro to hold the two sides together. Now onto the next project. We are off to work on a on taking up a brick path. In the paths place, I hope to see baby grass blades within a couple of weeks.   Almost time for the spreading twenty-five bags of 40lb top-soil.

    I hope y’all had fun over the weekend!

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