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Wings Wonderful: Francar’s Buffalo Wings   Leave a comment

Whether you like them sweet, spicy or tear drop hot, Francar’s Buffalo Wings in the Mercer Village is a taste bud win for everyone.

  The menu offers a lot more than wings. The burgers are tasty. Don’t forget an order of corn nuggets.

I am fixated on Level Two sauces.

The decor echoes cheers for Mercer’s student body achievements throughout the years.

Drop in, take out or delivery a taste of wing delight awaits you. Enjoy your day!


Tiny Marvels With Massive Missions: Let me ‘bug’ you   Leave a comment


From the honey bee to a black wood beetle, my appreciation to the small yet industrious insects crucial to a balanced eco-system is vast. I love insects.

   I startle the poor fellow with my wood splitting task.

   This is the tree that the beetle bought down. Well the picture is just a small section of the huge 150 year old oak tree that was felled on Ridge Ave. Today the horizon is notably void of this once magnificent tree. 

It’s A Draw: Favorite Photo Of The Day   1 comment

A day without my camera is hard to even ponder. I liken the scenario to a day without coffee. Simply, nonsense.

Today I am smitten with two shots.

 The tulips are aglow in the morning light.

JR’s smitten with being the subject of the camera lenses.     Enjoy your evening.

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Rock Zen: The Path   5 comments

The entrance to our home was lacking in “curb appeal”.     I decide to lay a rock path.  A friend coaxed me to use concrete in the beginning of the project. Soon I realize that it does not work for me and break it all up for a fresh start.

After comparing the rocks without the mix of concrete for the walk way, it is my pleasure to bust the rocks free from the concrete restraint.

It was a good deal of work but well worth the effort.

  Here are a few views from the front door.



Go outside and expand your mind and work your muscles. Enjoy your day!

Fireside Sunday Dinner   Leave a comment

Ummmm…Sunday dinner. What’s it going to be? Let’s start with a recipe from ” Joy Of Cooking” page 583. My version of the casserole-roasted chicken with forty cloves of garlic satisfied all four of us. This is a picture of a new recipe to me for red and sweet potato au gratin.   The foiled covered pan below is the garlic roasted chicken.

I round the meal out by opening some garden grown and canned peanut beans from my Mom’s garden and a bunch of sautéed spinach and buttered bread complete the meal. The fire is a nice addition to the lovely aromas wafting from the kitchen.

A fun evening indeed!




Pom Pom Power: A Struggling Tree   28 comments

The Boulevard Cypress Pom Pom:   All the brown dead growth, I prune from the tree to help make sure health is regained. With lots of water and cold weather, the Pom Pom is destined to thrive. Once summer is in full-force, the Pom Pom will trade places with the two Plumeria Trees that live indoors during the cold months.

  As you can see, the Pom Pom tree is ready for some major pruning!

The “Charlie Brown” look is not so bad for a few months. Anytime we bring a new item of size into our living space, Roger acts a little possessive. He is a needy dog.

After a few days of working on the Pom Pom tree, the rain showers came in and helped wash the debris away stuck in the branches.

  With a few snips, the pruning is done. Now we watch… Enjoy your day!

Bright Spots On A Cold Day   Leave a comment

  Daffodils in bloom on the first day of the year. The pop of color is a few months early. Let’s hope the peach trees do not get confused!

 The pink camellia bud and flower add color to Macon winters.

                     Mushrooms seemly spring to life overnight. Enjoy your day!





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