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Hangin’ On Friday   Leave a comment

 Hang on for the weekend! Enjoy your day!

Posted March 30, 2012 by theimaginationmuscle in my photos

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Rhubarb & Pineapple Pie   2 comments

Rarely do I take the time to bake pies.  On a whim, I bought some rhubarb while at the market.

I am short a cup of the necessary ingredient. I toss in a cup of pineapple to compensate for the lack of rhubarb. I hope the pineapple will help sweeten the pie.



I will be making this recipe again. Enjoy your day!



On The Grow: Garden 2012   Leave a comment

The beginning of new life bursting through the soil seeking the sun.

 The sweet potatoes are left over from a friend’s harvest last year.

 The green bean seedlings are emerging to a bright new world. The next pic looks like a shout of joy.

   My sweet cat is ever ready to help defend the garden.


Enjoy your day!

Fleeting Glimpse Of Beauty: The Luna Moth   6 comments

Yesterday I found myself dashing for my camera.

I have no idea of the proper name of this amazing creature. Reminds me of a stingray oddly enough.

So this morning all that was left for my camera were these and a bunch of caterpillars a little too late for the show.

        The circle of life is too short to stand still. Enjoy your day!

Posted March 27, 2012 by theimaginationmuscle in my photos

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Rain Wonder   Leave a comment

Rain makes everything spring better from the tiny seeds sprouting to the critters crawling. 


The garden is taking seed to root earlier than expected.             The baby spinach will soon be in a salad bowl.


The tomatoes are already blossoming.      

    The cherry tree provides ample food for the small flying guys.




The garden is on the grow! Jr is helping me decide where to plant the other veggies.



The blue hued caterpillars are a neat discovery!  Enjoy your day!





Inch Worm To Holy Crappie   Leave a comment

From the tiny wonders of nature to a huge catch in local waters, today provided a bounty of photo ops.

The fella above was caught on the first cast of the afternoon before the rain.

The inch worm was not the bait that hooked this big guy. Go out and enjoy your day!

Spring Flare   Leave a comment

Spring has sprung out of winter’s loose grip.

I wish I could recall the name of the flower below. The pattern and delicate coloring make me smile.


The purple iris appears translucent in the morning sunlight despite the depth of color.




    Mr. Green Guy poses a moment for my camera. Enjoy your day!






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