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Tomato Hornworm   192 comments

Yesterday I finally got to see a tomato  horn worm. Reminds me of a miniature manatee in caterpillar form mixed with a smidge of the Loch Ness monster.






The pattern is beautiful. I hope I get to see the flying beauty that will be.


Enjoy your day!



August Outdoors   6 comments

August is one of my favorite months. The subtle changes from summer to fall seem to happen over night this year.


All the rain has made for neat fungi photos.




The mushroom aged over night.


I planted this swamp chestnut oak four years ago to find these pretty fellas enjoying a leafy lunch.


The tree will survive the leaf-eating freaks. I wonder what pretty flying creatures morph from the pic above into the next phase of its life journey?



My new plant try of this year is the goji berry plant/bush/vine. I am impressed with the ease of care and taste of fruit.


Enjoy your day!










Sweet Potato Wealth   6 comments

In the spring I had two large sweet potatoes left over from a friends garden that never found their way into some delicious meal. The potatoes made slips so I mounded up some dirt and planted them.

I decided this morning to see what action was going on beneath the soil. I laughed in delight when I unearthed my very first sweet potato!



I gathered around eight pounds of lovely sweet tasties. I added a little more soil and gave the plants some water.



I am may just bake a sweet potato pie today!



Enjoy your day!






A Saturday with Lucca   8 comments

Our friends daughter Lucca is an absolute delight. She is remarkably bright and simply beautiful.

After a tasty treat it is time for a snack before nap time.


She is too darn cute!






  Who can resist singing in the kitchen?



Back to a bit more playing before nappy time.



Lucca is quite the shop keeper.



After we finished our baking project it was time to read a little.

Me and Lucca try to sound like different animals. I just look plain funny!


Sadly the visit draws to and end but not without a few more sweet photos.





Lucca, you are the best hostess ever!



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