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One Arm:Praying Mantis   26 comments

Well this is a first for me.

The praying mantis is a fascinating insect. I have seen many over the years but none with a missing appendage.

Thinking he or she may need some help acquiring dinner. I used tweezers to pick up ants to offer for food.

I should feel bad for the ants but they are so invasive and their bites hurt.

The next morning the praying mantis had migrated from atop our grill cover to the screen covering our dining room window.

This morning he is gone. Safe travels my friend.

Enjoy your day!

Backyard Triplets Return   19 comments

To wake up to the sight of three young yearling and their mom is a gift.

Sorry about the spots in the photos. The photos are snapped through the window screen in the guest bathroom.




The bravest of the three triplets is a young male not yet ready to leave his feeding post.



Otis and his loud bark finally persuaded him to follow his family back into the forest.


Enjoy your day!

Love to swing?   45 comments



Since childhood I have loved the feeling of freedom that a swing provides. And now I have my very own! Thanks to a thoughtful hubby, I can swing in our backyard.


We found the perfect limb jutting out from an oak tree on which the swing is attached.




We had to go to three different locations to procure the end of the season swing.



I can barely contain my excitement!



Go out and play!


Enjoy your day!

The Triplets: Deer Outback   3 comments

Although a bit fuzzy I managed to get a few photos of the young triplets through a window this morning.

Notice the little one resting in the meadow surely from gazing on to many fresh green acorns. The mama is down field to the right having her breakfast.

I decide to sneak a few shots outside.

The sounds of my camera plus our barking dogs do not make for a peaceful photo shoot. The young triplets take off in a flash with mom close behind.

Please overlook our pile of projects and enjoy sight of the deer family in action.

Enjoy your day!

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