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Do Onions Make You Cry?   30 comments

Me just being me has all manner of experiments in various stages in my house and in our garden as well. Meet Mr. Onion Face!







So after 10 days of having my Mr. Onion Face on the counter, it was time to take farewell photos before the trip to the compost bin. Plus the gnats and smell is not very appealing.




The rotting tomatoes adds a little flair to the picture.






Time for the next phase for Mr. Onion Face. Let me introduce you to Seymour, our compost bin. Goodbye, dear friend.




Enjoy your day!

Carrots with Personality   39 comments

We love carrots!

In addition to the health benefits of carrots, they also dazzle me. The carrots above look to be dancing under water.




Purple carrots are a garden novelty and taste great.


Lucca is a great little helper!







I found another neat carrot combo.




We have a few more carrots in the garden. I hope they bond before I harvest.


Enjoy your day!

Stacking Green   12 comments

Simply ingenious! A wonderful idea and delightful post! Take care, Anna

The Elemental Life

This year’s winner of the House Category at the World Architecture Festival is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  The judges said of their selection: “This tall thin house on a narrow plot is a holistic piece of architecture…that is a simple yet elegant solution to a common problem in developing cities and offers an easily repeatable typology.  It deals elegantly with issues of security, privacy, climate and light in a poetic yet economical way”.  We think it is absolutely beautiful.

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Posted October 23, 2012 by theimaginationmuscle in my photos

October: National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month!   21 comments

You have the power to save lives. Rescue a dog or cat from your local animal shelter! Please! Take care, Anna

Dog Tales

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has designated October as National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. More than three million dogs are currently in shelters across the United States and are in need of a good home. The month-long observance encourages animal lovers all across the nation to raise awareness about the positive aspects of adopting a pet from a shelter. If you’re considering adopting a shelter dog, it’s important to educate yourself. I am going to post links to other on-line sources on how and why to adopt a shelter dog that have been very helpful to other people seeking a furry friend. 

First, is a dog right for you? Is is important to know the responsibility you are taking on when thinking about adopting a dog from a shelter. Its important to know that after you welcome in your dog, your daily routine will…

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Posted October 17, 2012 by theimaginationmuscle in my photos

Vapourer Moth: A Bright Male Caterpillar   28 comments

Yesterday I saw my first vapourer male moth hanging out on a rose-bush.


I think this is the ‘peacock’ of all male caterpillars that I have seen in my life to date.



A warning about the pretty vapourer moth is do not touch to your skin. The hairs can cause mild irritation to most people.


Nature never fails to amaze me.



Enjoy your day!


Eastern Box Turtle Busted: Enjoying a ripe tomato   35 comments

Turtles are on the top of my list of favorite reptiles. We have many turtles living all around our little spot called home and apparently they love tomatoes as much as I.


He does not look very pleased to have me taking his photo but I cannot help myself from capturing great pictures.




He hung around as I gathered the ripe or ripening tomatoes. He hissed a little when I picked him up for a photo. I returned him to dine on the best of the tomatoes in my garden.


Enjoy your day!





Ever Seen A Stick Bug?   14 comments

Well now I have!

While working on a clients deck remodel I discovered a neat friend to photograph. There are over 50 varieties of stick bugs.

I need the wheel barrow to transport materials. I grab the closest twig and she or he quickly latched to it only to fall on a piece of decking scrap.

I am happy to have met this neat fellow.

Enjoy your day!

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