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Mr. Meowgo vs. Lucky the chipmunk   5 comments

Our cat Mr. Meowgo is a hunter even as his food bowl sits full to the brim with tasty food.

He brings mice, voles, birds, lizards and sometimes cute little chipmunks to the front door for our approval.


A stone cold killer

A stone cold killer


I have tried unsuccessfully in the past to help the chipmunks escape his lethal grasp.

Today a chipmunk lives with minor injuries due to the quick action of my husband!



Lucky the chipmuck


The photo below shows the only injury to poor Lucky.


Lucky the chipmunk



Lucky the chipmunk making a run for it

I scoop Mr. Meowgo up and we go for a walk while Lucky makes plans for his retreat.


Bee feeding


Enjoy your day!








Saving Lives: All About Animals   13 comments

 All About Animals is a no kill shelter for dogs and cats in Macon, GA. The ‘new’ address is 101 Riverside Drive Macon GA 31201.

Let me introduce a few of my friends in need of a forever home.

Marigold is full of love. She is a self admitted lap dog. She does get lonely if left unattended, but who can blame her?

Julius is ready to go home with you. He is a playful boy.

  I cannot recall this funny guy’s name. The picture sums up the happy-go-lucky attitude.

Leo is outstanding. How can you resist such a handsome fella?

Miles is a hunk of a dog! He has lots of energy.

If you are interested in sponsoring, fostering or adopting a cat or dog in the Macon area, I suggest you e-mail All About Animals for more information on all their furry friends waiting for you. The address is The phone number is 478-621-5116. The All About Animals web address is

I am so excited about our latest rescue friend. His name is Otis. He will be in-house Saturday! Lucky number 7.  We met Otis while helping spruce up the new shelter Saturday afternoon and fell in love. End of story.

Enjoy your day!

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It’s A Draw: Favorite Photo Of The Day   1 comment

A day without my camera is hard to even ponder. I liken the scenario to a day without coffee. Simply, nonsense.

Today I am smitten with two shots.

 The tulips are aglow in the morning light.

JR’s smitten with being the subject of the camera lenses.     Enjoy your evening.

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Mr. Personality…   Leave a comment

 Yep. Jr. is the outspoken cat.  

 Jr. loves to get his tummy scratched.

Enjoy your day!

Beautiful Souls   4 comments

 How can a person not like dogs?   

The pic of Tiger below is enough to melt anyone’s heart.

This is a question that I can only think of a few justifications. Maybe a traumatic incident with a dog would make a person harbor ill will towards the canine breed. My other opinion is the person is not a caring individual.

Let me show you smart wonderful dogs I am luck enough to call my friends.


  The picture of the first dog was a friend we met in Yatesville, GA. He has a home, but loves to visit with passers-by.

      Jr does not understand why he can only look in the window and not be inside with the six-pack of dogs. Rescue animals or give to rescue groups.

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Lucky 7   9 comments

Say ‘hello’ to JR. 

The spitting image of Kitty Bob, our first cat.

JR is shy at first. A packet of tuna spread along top an oak log provides us the best opportunity to talk to our latest furry rescue. He sits with his back to us while inhaling the flakes of tuna. Below is one of the first pics of JR eating breakfast with us.

He is a tad shy still, but possesses real ‘cattitude’.  We love the new tabby! Cat energy is back.

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