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Inch Worm To Holy Crappie   Leave a comment

From the tiny wonders of nature to a huge catch in local waters, today provided a bounty of photo ops.

The fella above was caught on the first cast of the afternoon before the rain.

The inch worm was not the bait that hooked this big guy. Go out and enjoy your day!

The Thrill of the Reel!   1 comment

  Fishing is my favorite pastime involving water activities.

In my almost 36 years of fishing all over the southeast, Lake Tobesofkee is my love!

I caught this channel cat mid-day in June with a temperature of 95+ degrees. 

So I may look all calm reeling in the channel cat, but this guys is the biggest fish I had caught in over five years.

Dad and I decided today the fish needed company. Last Monday, we caught fourteen pan fish of different species and two nice bone-in channel cats perfect for frying.

We both had a good feeling about today. The lake was glassy smooth and not a water craft in sight. I entice the fish with offering of dry cat food or bread. I think a good ol fashion hand dug earth worm will hook a fish about better than any other bait.

I throw in some cat food to allow the oils to attract the fish to our spot. The water boils with fish eager to munch on the unexpected treats.

Dad’s determination to catch the big catfish that snapped his line last week while fishing inside the boat house worked to his favor.

His first cast in lands him 2 1/2 lbs almost two feet long channel cat.   I may have caught the first fish of the day, but Dad caught the best two of the morning.                     I should have taken the time to snap better photos, but we both wanted to get back to catching more fish.

After about three hours of fishing, Dad caught the two catfish I caught seven or eight pan fish species all of which will help stock up Daddy’s freezer.

  A great day with family and freshly caught food!

A french fry tidbit   20 comments

Fishing has always been part of my life. I recall countless fishing trips with the family down by the river or the occasionally pond fishing. As a kid, I remember thinking what a waste of time for the promised results. At the end of the day more often than not, the fish stringer was not needed.

I started to believe that my parents just wanted to be in the outdoors and used fishing as an escape route. As an adult, I realize that they not only wanted to enjoy the weekend, but also did not have the necessary skills to reel in the catch. I think the art of catching a fish is information dealt out with time with your line in the water.

I have started to become quite the avid angler.  The lake has proven to be my prefered body of water of for catching fish. I have caught more fish within the last six months than all my combined years.

Learning the basics of  fishing is simple. Catching the fish is the challenge. I have learned to go with my gut. Fish are smart but need to eat as well. I love to feed the fish, as they in turn feed me. I save bread scraps from the table along with various other tasty treats for the fish to sample.  I have noted that fish species are much like people from around the world;everyone has specific taste buds. I can catch a yellow perch with small piece of earthworm. I feel lucky to have the privilege of catching a decent sized yellow perch in middle Georgia! My catch stunned the two guys fishing with me. As you can see, I am beaming in the above photo. The yellow perch found it’s way back into the lake to surprise the next angler lucky enough to set the hook.

As you may note in my photos, I wear my lucky My lil Owl tee-shirt. In fact, I ordered another tee-shirt in green. Owls are wise.  I sure do reel in plenty of fish while I am wearing either of the owl shirts.

My biggest catch to date is a blue catfish in the above photo. I was fishing late at night close by  the dock with a small segment of worm. Before I knew it, Big Blue was on my hook. I never would have thought that a fish could have such attitude and taste so delightful at the same time.

I caught the biggest channel catfish of my life on a tasty bit of french fry on the first cast of the evening. Note the picture at the top of the page and you see the 21 1/2 inch fellow already on my stringer. The fish safely in the freezer and awaiting to be fried up with some cole slaw and more french fries is inspiration for more angling from the dock. What will be my next creative bait?

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