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Our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree   28 comments

Since the candy canes melted all over our tree decorations back in 1997, we haven’t bothered with a  Christmas tree. On a whim, we decided to put up our own Charlie Brown kind of tree last Thursday.


Our GA pine Charlie Brown Christmas tree

We cleaned out a corner of the living room and went to find the perfect tree. The perfect tree is the first one I saw. Easy! After finding a tall and wide vase and round stones to stabilize the tree, we begin to rummage around the house for the tree decor. We find cardboard and foil for the star and man in the moon and use three bits of foil to create round ornaments using paper clips to hang them with care. Large gaudy earrings make great light weight sparkle. I find sewing notions in red and gold to drape on the tree. Some saved silver ribbon gift packaging works great for tinsel. The tree skirt is an unfinished quilt piece. We also found three small ribbon and a few bits of fake holly leaves and berries to add to the tree.


An on the fly Charlie Brown Christmas tree


Otis under the Charlie brown xmas tree


Otis is proud of his first Christmas with us!


A hound dog under the xmas tree  This is our ‘dog chair’; we don’t care how it looks.


I decided to make some paper candy canes for our little Charlie Brown tree.


Alvin and our Charlie Brown xmas tree with the Tink


Enjoy your day!



Thankful Friends: Thanksgiving 2012   39 comments

To all those that celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you all are still eating tasty left-overs.

Our small family of five will never forget Thanksgiving 2012!

Before I get to the always delightful Lucca photos let me share a few fall photos from our yard.



Now for precious, Lucca…

Lucca has an extensive marble collection.



Lucca is helping repair a lost track from her toy earth mover.





The next pic is of Uncle Andy cover monster!











Shortly after discovering Uncle Andy, it is time for a nap.


While she slept I could not resist the sweet angel face pics a few silly posed photos!




I hope everyone gets time to take a nap!

Enjoy your day!














The Triplets: Deer Outback   3 comments

Although a bit fuzzy I managed to get a few photos of the young triplets through a window this morning.

Notice the little one resting in the meadow surely from gazing on to many fresh green acorns. The mama is down field to the right having her breakfast.

I decide to sneak a few shots outside.

The sounds of my camera plus our barking dogs do not make for a peaceful photo shoot. The young triplets take off in a flash with mom close behind.

Please overlook our pile of projects and enjoy sight of the deer family in action.

Enjoy your day!

A Saturday with Lucca   8 comments

Our friends daughter Lucca is an absolute delight. She is remarkably bright and simply beautiful.

After a tasty treat it is time for a snack before nap time.


She is too darn cute!






  Who can resist singing in the kitchen?



Back to a bit more playing before nappy time.



Lucca is quite the shop keeper.



After we finished our baking project it was time to read a little.

Me and Lucca try to sound like different animals. I just look plain funny!


Sadly the visit draws to and end but not without a few more sweet photos.





Lucca, you are the best hostess ever!



Oh to be showered in love   3 comments

I attend a lot of baby showers. Yesterday’s baby shower in Atlanta was extra special. Well over a year had passed since our last visit with our expecting friends. They have a lovely four-year old princess who is thrilled about a little brother!       

  All of the food was tasty. The best part to me was feeling all the love emanating from all in attendance and getting to snap photos of gorgeous children and women.       The idea of all the guest painting onesies was brilliant! I had a blast even though my bunny looks like a three year old painted it.      

So now to the gifts and more random photos of adorable kiddies.



Now for the nice women and friends pics. 

After such a full day of friends, family, food and fun, it is time to head back to Macon. We love you guys!

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I am proud of all eight of my nephews and nieces.    




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