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Why Are Little Bees Getting So Much Attention?   Leave a comment

Why Are Little Bees Getting So Much Attention?.

Petal Power: Sweet Scent   13 comments

The smell of spring wafts in the wind.    Smell that Smell: Sweet


Here are a few of the aromatic blossoms in our gardens.    Popping Azaleas 


Gentle beauty


Red tulips





Yellow center Tulip in Red




Lingering tulip blossom


Enjoy your day!






Flowers On A Sunny Day   14 comments

After all the much-needed rain, we have a sunny day! Brightly colored flowers are finally in bloom in our gardens.

Yellow Soft Petals   Purple Bearded Iris




Delicate Iris



Spy the spider?  Barely visible is a tiny spider hiding from my camera.


Enjoy your day!


Bright Green Cocoon: Crab Spider   8 comments

It seems cocoons are in season.    Bright green cocoon formed by a crab spider


I notice a bright green cocoon on the back of a dead plumeria leaf.   Crab Spider cocoon on plumeria leaf



Crab Spider in web  In October I took the only picture I have of a crab spider. I wish the details of the spider herself were more visible.


Crab spider cocoon in color


Enjoy your day!

Vapourer Moth: A Bright Male Caterpillar   28 comments

Yesterday I saw my first vapourer male moth hanging out on a rose-bush.


I think this is the ‘peacock’ of all male caterpillars that I have seen in my life to date.



A warning about the pretty vapourer moth is do not touch to your skin. The hairs can cause mild irritation to most people.


Nature never fails to amaze me.



Enjoy your day!


August Outdoors   6 comments

August is one of my favorite months. The subtle changes from summer to fall seem to happen over night this year.


All the rain has made for neat fungi photos.




The mushroom aged over night.


I planted this swamp chestnut oak four years ago to find these pretty fellas enjoying a leafy lunch.


The tree will survive the leaf-eating freaks. I wonder what pretty flying creatures morph from the pic above into the next phase of its life journey?



My new plant try of this year is the goji berry plant/bush/vine. I am impressed with the ease of care and taste of fruit.


Enjoy your day!










Sweet Plumeria   4 comments

I have been waiting for three and a half years for to see my plumeria tree blossom!


I bought a couple of plumeria tree cutting and five  plumeria seeds back from a trip to Oahu in March 2009.  Only one seed grew into a tree. The same with the tree cuttings.








I think both trees will flower this year.


Enjoy your day!



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