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Community Roots: Let’s Grow!   2 comments

Today presented the perfect weather for a community grow and swap combined with the Beale’s Hill Community Garden at the Centenary Methodist Church in downtown Macon, GA.



       Fun was had by all. Enjoy your day!

Oh to be showered in love   3 comments

I attend a lot of baby showers. Yesterday’s baby shower in Atlanta was extra special. Well over a year had passed since our last visit with our expecting friends. They have a lovely four-year old princess who is thrilled about a little brother!       

  All of the food was tasty. The best part to me was feeling all the love emanating from all in attendance and getting to snap photos of gorgeous children and women.       The idea of all the guest painting onesies was brilliant! I had a blast even though my bunny looks like a three year old painted it.      

So now to the gifts and more random photos of adorable kiddies.



Now for the nice women and friends pics. 

After such a full day of friends, family, food and fun, it is time to head back to Macon. We love you guys!

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