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My Friends: Thanks for loving me. You are missed.   9 comments


Dinahmite always out front and Tigerbuddy was her partner

Dinahmite, always out front and Tigerbuddy, her partner lurking.




In March 2013,  Dinahmite was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. We celebrated her 13th birthday in May.  July 11,2013 Dinahmite passed.


A young Dinahmite

Tiger holding down a chair


I will be forever grateful for our adventures shared.


My friend

My friend


In August of 2014, Tigerbuddy was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease. The vet gave Tiger a medicine called Vetoryl 60mg. Give 2 capsules once a day. Sunday, September 14, 2014 at 10:15AM when Tigerbuddy went to play with Dinahmite. Tiger had a horrible reaction to Vetoryl which in turn hastened his death.


To whom may read this: Cushing’s disease in dogs can be treated with proper guidance and your dog friend can live years more.

I have not been very active on my blog due to too much to list.

Love you both.


Enjoy your day!



Thankful Friends: Thanksgiving 2012   39 comments

To all those that celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you all are still eating tasty left-overs.

Our small family of five will never forget Thanksgiving 2012!

Before I get to the always delightful Lucca photos let me share a few fall photos from our yard.



Now for precious, Lucca…

Lucca has an extensive marble collection.



Lucca is helping repair a lost track from her toy earth mover.





The next pic is of Uncle Andy cover monster!











Shortly after discovering Uncle Andy, it is time for a nap.


While she slept I could not resist the sweet angel face pics a few silly posed photos!




I hope everyone gets time to take a nap!

Enjoy your day!














Friends Reconnect   22 comments



Since all of us could not be at the first memorial ride for our friend Jason A. Baines in Lexington, KY Sunday 11/11/12, we did the next best thing we could muster. Sarah and Winnie came to Macon to visit both us and Winnie’s family who happens to live in Macon.

I looked through over 10 years of photos to find the treasures of photographic history of our lives together. Now I must learn how to scan photos, which I am told is pretty simple.

The photos in this blog are from the Macon visit with Winnie and Sarah.


Sarah has badass bike skills and many medals in her pocket.










Now for the pictures that I should have a tripod for instead of all these photos. But it was still fun to try to remember which person needed to take which photo.







The bright spot in the recent gloom was the all too short but invigorating visit with long time friends.


Enjoy your day!



Goodbye   7 comments

In honor and memory of Jason A. Baines 1971-2012:

Do not be mad…

Please not forever sad…

Know I ride free..

Just on another journey…

Wheels keep on turning…

Written by me with your wise voice with me: Our beloved friend/mentor/big brother and all around bad-ass person. Ride in peace and thank you for you! We love you.

Welcome Home Brandi: Eight is Enough   10 comments

It is no secret that I love dogs.  Our  youngest boy Otis is happy to greet Brandi before the other six dogs get to make her acquaintance.

Brandi is ready to play chase with Otis.

Brandi is a terrific young pup!


Enjoy your day!

Kong vs. Otis   Leave a comment

Otis is a young strong chap with impressive jaw strength.

As with all bullies, he needs a durable fun toy.

The Kong never had a chance.




Enjoy your day!

Times treasured   9 comments

Gosh! I love my life.      

The free tickets to the Allan Jackson concert Thursday night served as the ‘cherry-on-top’ for a fabulous weekend spent with great friends.

Friday’s fun included a sunset boat ride to the Fish-n-Pig for dinner and farewells. The family atmosphere coupled with delicious food has a line out the door most evenings.

Friday’s dinner was to celebrate Steve and Tina selling their house on Tobo. Marietta, GA seemed to be a perfect fit for them. Good luck!

Although a little tired the next morning, I woke up with a smile. We fed the cat and dogs with coffee in hand and grabbed a bag of almonds.

We got on the road earlier than the previous Saturday. Two visits in one week to our buddies living two hours away is a treat!

Our best married peeps and their 10 month old child moved in 2010.

The photo above is of my best little friend taken while they still lived in Macon. The next picture is at her second birthday party.

We had never attended a two-year old’s birthday party. It was a controlled chaotic blast with two sets of adorable two-year old twins and about 15 additional two-year olds.

I felt shell-shocked by the sheer number of toddlers in what felt like a shrinking room. I started taking pictures to calm myself.

The brothers in the picture above are so darn handsome.

 Andy bought Lil’ miss a pair of John Deere socks to sport. As you can see, bits of the birthday party still remained a week later. Birthday girl kept her party going for a whole week!

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